When you can’t sing, hum: A Glorious Table post

encouragement hope loving jesus the glorious table trials Jan 22, 2020

Several months ago, my family went to war. Okay, maybe “war” is a little dramatic, but that’s what it felt like. Over the course of about three weeks, we went from being the happiest and healthiest we had been in a long time to fighting battles on every front. All five of us faced a crisis, hardship, or frustration of some sort. Sure, some were less difficult than others, but the sum total was enough to leave us hunkered down, begging for mercy.

I quickly found I could manage only bare essentials. Every ounce of my energy, both physical and emotional, went to my family. Nothing remained for things like casual conversations, reading for enjoyment, or even writing. Like a choirgirl with laryngitis, I had lost my voice.

Have you ever been in that spot? The place where it seems like, no matter which direction you turn, there’s another fire to put out? Something inside of you draws your focus inward and pools all your resources for the battles you must endure. You might feel like a hibernating bear, just surviving the winter, becoming unconscious to the rest of the world around you.

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