Purposeful. Encourager. Intentional. 

I love the chance to share with women, whether it is a small gathering of moms, a conference full of people of all ages, or anything in between. I am happy to customize a topic and/or theme for your event.

Author | Speaker | Mom

Katy is a skilled and sought-after speaker for retreats, conferences, workshops, and even online events. Comfortable in both small and large-group settings, Katy’s hope-filled words will equip and encourage your group with truth from God’s Word. She shares vulnerably from her own life, with a mixture of gentleness and humor that helps women to relate and learn.

An experienced women’s ministry leader, Katy has a heart for women who feel alone in their journey, looking for ways to better connect with God and community. Her conversational style and godly wisdom draw women to the Lord and empower them to live with purpose and confidence. Her passion for Jesus and love for His Word ignite a spark in her audiences and inspire them to know Him more fully.

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  • MOST POPULAR TOPIC! Created to Be – It’s OK to have dreams for our children–and ourselves–but sometimes our dreams and God’s plans collide. Learn how to let go of our worldly expectations and embrace the idea that we are unique creations of God, designed by Him for a purpose.
  • NEW! Pack your bags… We’re going on a guilt trip! – Shortly after a child arrives in our homes, Mom Guilt comes for a visit–and doesn’t plan to leave. What is Mom Guilt and what makes it different than other guilt we feel in life? And most importantly, what can we do about it? Let’s talk about how to move forward as guilt-free moms!
  • NEW! The TRUE Me: A new approach to goal setting – Why do so many of our goals fail? How can we better set ourselves up for success? Maybe the problem lies in our approach. Maybe we need to thinking about who we aren’t and focus instead on who we are. In this interactive workshop attendees will create their own personal mission statement that will help them to live wisely and confidently. Don’t miss this one!
  • The Significant Life – Where do you find your worth? From your accomplishments? Your popularity? Your busy schedule? It is so easy to throw ourselves into a search for significance and come up wanting. Let’s talk about what significance really is and how we find it.
  • Talking to your kids about disabilities – We’ve all been there. You’re at the park or the store or the zoo, when suddenly your little one grabs your hand, points, and says, “Mommy, what’s wrong with that boy?” And then you die of embarrassment before ushering your child away. But could there be a better way to handle the questions that will inevitably come? Let’s talk about some great ways to help our kids understand disabilities.
  • Mom-isms for a New Generation – “Because I said so, that’s why!” “Life isn’t fair, honey.” “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” We all remember the mom-isms of our youth, and someday our kids remember our oft-repeated phrases, too. What are the things we want them to take with them through their lives? How do we make our words–our mom-isms–have meaning?
  • The world’s two most powerful words: Finding freedom from stress and overcommitment – “Yes” is such a simple word to say—in fact, for many of us it flows off the tongue a little too smoothly. Whether it is from a desire to please, a desire to serve, or a fear of missing out, we can easily find ourselves entrapped in the commitments that we have made, enduring life instead of loving it. Join us as we learn when to say “yes”, when to say “no”, and how to enjoy them both.
  • Bridging the Gap with Grace – Have you ever seen a child with special needs and been at a loss for words? Or worse, said the wrong thing? This great session, designed for both moms with typical kids and moms with special needs children, will help us approach each other with a new perspective–and a lot of grace!
  • The Family Forest – My story of finding my identity in Christ while seeking out my biological roots.
  • Adoption
  • Raising a child with special needs
  • Motherhood
  • Topics by request – I am happy to customize a topic to meet your needs!

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I especially have a heart for MOPS moms and do not charge a speaking fee for MOPS groups! (For groups farther than 30 miles, I ask only for travel expenses.)

Kirsten Smith, mom of 9

Katy's authenticity, warmth, and humor immediately draw people in. She welcomes them to lean into the Lord as she shares the truth with grace and love.

Eva Kubasiak, Summit Host

I absolutely loved working with Katy as she spoke at my Summit. She brought a level of knowledge and wisdom that was next level! I can't wait to have her speak at another event!


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