When we don’t know why

faith plan prayer purpose question trust why Jul 29, 2020

“I have to admit, Lord, I don’t really understand what You are doing here.”

I walked around my neighborhood, praying as I took in some fresh air. Praying for my husband, my children, some dear friends… and I realized I had been praying some of these same prayers over and over for months. I stopped in my tracks as I felt an actual heaviness start to descend on my chest and shoulders.

Have you ever felt that? Did you know that emotional hurt can carry physical weight? It’s something I have learned all too well in the last few years. When unmet expectations and unexpected circumstances get to be too much, we can feel it in our bodies. Your chest might ache, your shoulders tense, your stomach twists.

I think many of us are carrying around these aches and pains right now. For some, it is the weight of bad news—loss of a job, loss of a loved one, even the burden of suddenly homeschooling. For others, it is the overall uncertainty of when we will feel a sense of normalcy again. We want to go to the store without avoiding other customers, we want to gather with friends and family without worrying about catching or spreading sickness. We just want to take a deep breath again.

At times like these, we find ourselves asking, “Why, Lord?” But may I suggest that we might be asking the wrong question? Here is what I think we should be asking instead.

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