When God doesn’t deliver you from your trials…

down syndrome loving jesus obeying god the worthy walk Feb 19, 2020

“I just want to be shallow and happy!” I cried. I was sitting at dinner with friends, a much-needed break in a hard season. I was still struggling with my son’s Down syndrome diagnosis, still stumbling through depression. Overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in my life, I knew God was whispering, “Just keep going. I will get you through.” I knew on the other side of this mountain I would find peace, grow spiritually, and come to a deeper relationship with the Lord … but in that moment, I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to be deep and joyful—I wanted to be shallow and happy.

Does this sound familiar at all? You’re in the middle of a hard season, and you are done. Exhausted. You can’t take another step. And God meets you there, giving you a glimpse of the peace that can be yours if you just trust Him. But instead of offering radical deliverance from your circumstances, He encourages you to keep walking. “I am not removing you from this,” He explains, “but I am here with you in the middle of it.”

Obedience to God is hard.

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