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down syndrome down syndrome awareness special needs parenting the mighty Jun 17, 2020

Sometimes I forget.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually forget my son has Down syndrome. It is with us every day when we slog through reading basic books, every time I struggle to understand what he is trying to say, and every time I wonder if he doesn’t understand what I said or is just choosing to ignore me like a typical kid his age. Down syndrome is a daily part of our lives.

down syndrome response

But that’s just it: it is constantly there. It is our normal. So sometimes I forget it’s, well, not normal for everyone else. We just go through our days, encouraging, teaching, making accommodations where needed and loving life with Joey. You know, just doing what’s “normal” and forgetting — until someone else reminds me. Maybe it’s a look, a whispered comment, a quiet step back and then I’m all too aware.

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