Psalm 4:8

Peaceful slumber might be closer than you think

peace trusting god's plan Jul 13, 2022

I had chronic nightmares as a kid. Every single night. There were 2 different ones, and I can still vividly remember them. I remember countless nights of waking up my mom or curling up on the floor of my parents’ room (or both). I remember other nights where I lay in bed, paralyzed with fear, wanting to ask for help but terrified of what awaited me if I came out from under the covers.

In other words, when the sun went down, my peace went with it.

And then...

I don’t remember how I found Psalm 4:8, but I remember being taken aback by it. It was probably the first time I ever really felt like the Bible was “living and active” (Heb 4:12), like it had relevance to my life and could be used for God to speak to me individually.

I memorized it. A sweet musician at our church made up a song with it for me. I repeated it over and over and over.

The nightmares stopped… eventually. It wasn’t instantaneous. And I’ve definitely had others since then. But God’s Word took root in my heart in a new way through this one simple verse, and it grew with me for years to come.

God alone makes me dwell in safety.

Not my comfortable home.
Not my bank account.
Not my husband.
Not how well my children are doing on any given day.
Not my support system.
Not my career path.
Not the strength of my convictions.
Not my research into whatever topic is on my mind.
Not my control over my circumstances.
Not the stability of the government, the stance of the Supreme Court justices, or how many of my Facebook (or IRL) friends agree with my opinions.

And definitely not laying in bed, fretting and worrying about any of the above.

God alone is in control. And we can lay all of those other things at His feet, take a deep breath (or two), and sleep in peace, knowing that He holds it well and is worthy of our trust.

Lie down and sleep in peace, friend. God alone makes you dwell in safety.

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