Significance Minus the Spotlight

loving jesus purpose significance the worthy walk Apr 15, 2020

A few years ago, I found myself drowning in life, fighting to drudge up the motivation to do more than the most basic of tasks. Not because anything especially bad was happening, but because not much of anything was happening. Life just felt too… normal. All around me I saw people doing Big, Important Things for Jesus—moving across the world to be missionaries, quitting their jobs and stepping out in faith that God had called them to something new, adopting children out of foster care. Compared to them, how could my quiet life as a mom to three possibly measure up?

Too often, we fall into the significance trap our culture sets: to live a worthwhile life, you must have fame, money, or power. You must do something BIG. You must stand out. To be significant means to be in the spotlight. Ordinary is nothing short of failure.

But what does God say?

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