Letting pain serve its purpose

pain purpose the glorious table Mar 11, 2020

When I went through childbirth classes, our instructor admonished us not to tense up during contractions. She encouraged us to relax instead so they could do what they were intended to do. Tensing up and fighting the pain only prevents the contractions from accomplishing their purpose. The less effective they are, the more of them it takes to get the job done.

This all sounded fine when I sat in class two months before my first baby was born. Relax during contractions—check, I thought as I went through my mental list. It was a much different story on June 2 when they actually hit. Nothing about contractions is relaxing. I fought them right up to the minute the epidural took effect! Ahhh, now that was relief!

When I was back in the delivery room twenty months later, however, I labored without an epidural, and I did not wish to endure any more contractions than were necessary. Read the full post here.

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