Let the light in

darkness light loving jesus the worthy walk Mar 18, 2020

As a child, I had awful recurring nightmares. Over the years a few different “plots” played on repeat in my head, some of which I can still remember. All of them ended the same way, though: me waking up in terror, summoning my courage to run to my parents’ room through the gauntlet of monsters I was certain were waiting for me in my dark bedroom. Unfortunately, the longer I sat in my bed staring into the darkness, the more frightening the shapes in my room would become. They loomed larger and larger, and I felt certain all hope was lost.

On those nights, my mom would hear my cries and come to me before I ran to her. On those nights, she would gently turn on the lights to reveal the truth about the monsters in my room: they weren’t there. Sure, in the dark I saw threatening creatures, but the light proved them to be clothes mounded on a chair on a chair or the pile of toys left in a corner. I wouldn’t flip the switch myself, convinced I would be confronted by the monsters that haunted my dreams, but she was confident she (and I) could handle whatever we saw—the key was to let the light in.

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