Is social media silencing our souls?

life Jul 22, 2020

As my head hit the pillow, my brain sprang into action. Worries I had kept in the back of my mind all day suddenly vied for my attention: What if my dad catches COVID-19 while he’s in the hospital for his cancer surgery? How am I going to homeschool three kids? When will I ever find time to do my own work? Why on earth did my dishwasher choose now to die? My stomach churned. I began to spiral through worry, fear, and frustration—until I cut it short. I can’t think about this anymore, I determined.

So I grabbed my phone.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed. An hour of catching up on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, and even a few rounds of Wordscapes. When I could no longer hold my eyes open, I gave up and fell asleep to the sound of my favorite podcast. But I wasn’t actually at peace—just distracted.

Sound familiar?

Now more than ever we are looking for ways to fill the new voids in our lives. Whether that is the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one or loss of time spent with friends and family outside of our homes, every one of us is faced with new stress and looking for ways to dull the ache. And technology, it seems, is ready to rise to the occasion.

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