God is never lost

down syndrome joey loving jesus the glorious table Feb 26, 2020

My youngest child is what we call an escape artist. Joey is eight and has Down syndrome. He also has limited impulse control and virtually no fear of strangers, wandering away from his parents (or teachers or other caretakers). Add to that a limited vocabulary and difficulty answering questions like “What’s your name?” or “Who are your parents?” or even “What is your phone number?” and you have the recipe for a mama-sized heart attack.

The moments we have lost him are permanently etched in my mind: the time we scoured the neighborhood for him, only to find him sitting in his car seat in our van because he heard someone mention ice cream; the time he was playing in our backyard with adult supervision and managed to run away and let himself into a neighbor’s house; the morning I was teaching Vacation Bible School when a clearly panicked-but-trying-to-remain-calm childcare worker popped into my room to ask if I had picked up Joey because they just realized they hadn’t seen him in a while; or the moment just a few months ago when he disappeared into a crowd of hundreds at our local art museum.

Fortunately, each of those stories has a happy ending. Read the full article at The Glorious Table.

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