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disability down syndrome joey loving jesus the worthy walk trusting god's plan Jan 29, 2020

Although I originally posted this article here about two years ago, it came to mind as I was listening to the most recent podcast on The Worthy Walk. The story of Joseph (the guy in Genesis, not the earthly father of Jesus) is one of my very favorites. I couldn’t help but share Joey’s story again…

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life full of plot twists we never imagined. We set out on a path in our youth, certain that we know where it is headed—when the Playwright of our lives has something entirely different in mind. A broken relationship, a traumatic accident, an unexpected diagnosis.

Joey was three months old when we sat in a geneticist’s office and first heard the term “Down syndrome” used to describe our sweet baby. My brain couldn’t quite comprehend this new reality, and I spent months feeling like we were living the wrong life, like a mistake had been made and we had been dropped into the middle of someone else’s story…

Read the full story today on The Worthy Walk blog.

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