A prayer for my past

loving jesus past prayer Apr 01, 2020

I recently re-read one of my favorite books on prayer, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. This book has absolutely transformed my prayer life! Each chapter encourages the reader to focus on praying for a different aspect of life, complete with Scriptures to pray through. In the back of the book are blank prayer cards to record prayers and serve as reminders. I wrote out a prayer for each chapter as I read the book, and now I am going back through them, one card per week. One week I focused on praying for my family, another for my passion, another for my identity…

Earlier this week, I pulled out the next card in the stack: A Prayer for My Past. I did a double-take.

Apparently I got so caught up in praying, I forgot to write it down.

And yet… there is something beautiful about this one word, isn’t there?

Hallelujah… my sins are forgiven.

Hallelujah… I am no longer that person.

Hallelujah… my past doesn’t dictate my future.

Hallelujah… He loved me when I was still dead in my sins.

Hallelujah… the hurts of yesterday have brought me to where I am today.


A prayer for my past.



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Title photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

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