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Each month I share a few things I'm recommending right now, from products to podcasts to a great article to cute puppy videos—you never know what you might find!

OK, you probably won't find many puppy videos. I might include some "just for fun" recs from time-to-time, but my goal is to share things that will help you as you seek to honor God and live with purpose in your everyday, ordinary life. Sometimes that's Bible study tools, and sometimes it's a fun game that can help to build relationships with your friends and family.

Bottom line: this page includes some of my favorite resources, and I love getting to share them with you!

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What I'm loving this month...

Listen: Kings Kaleidoscope

If you’ve listened to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast, you’ve heard Kings Kaleidscope. Their song “Sticks and Stones” is the theme song for the podcast, which is how I was introduced to the band… and now I am listening to them on repeat on Spotify! (Side note: If you haven’t checked out The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast, you absolutely should. Absolutely. It is a single-season podcast that, as you may have guessed, tells the story of Mars Hill Church, a megachurch that was pastored by Mark Driscoll. Very worthwhile.)

Read: Different: A Great Thing to Be!

Usually about once a year, I get the chance to go into Joey’s classroom and talk to the kids a little about Down syndrome and disabilities in general. I often read the kids a book as part of our time together, and this one by Heather Avis has become my absolute favorite. It is NOT specifically about Down syndrome—or even disabilities. Although the main character is Macey, Heather’s daughter who has DS, the book focuses on the fact that each of us has different strengths and weaknesses, and rather than excluding someone because they are different, we should celebrate our differences and learn from each other. It is a fantastic way to begin a conversation with our kids about all kinds of differences they might see around them, from disabilities to race to… you name it. (I did read this to Joey’s 4th grade class this year, but with a caveat that I knew it was really too young for them but still worthwhile. In general, I would probably recommend it for pre-k through 2nd grade.) Get your copy today!

Connect: A Book Club Built for Two

Are you looking for ways to connect with your teen or adult child? Allow me to suggest a Book Club Built for Two (my own clever play on a bicycle built for 2, just in case you didn't get the reference). Last summer I needed a way to spend time to my middle kiddo. When my kids were little, I loved reading aloud to them, but my 14-year-old didn't especially want a story time. However, he was very open to the idea of discussing a book of his choosing... and then a book of my choosing. So our  Book Club Built for Two was born! Each month we take turns picking a book, then we go on a little date and have a discussion. Sometimes we look for book club discussion questions online, other times we just have a conversation. I cannot recommend this highly enough! It is an amazing way to get into your kids' world and spend a little one-on-one time with them. So far, my favorite read has been Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. (Warning: it definitely has some language in it! I am comfortable with it for my teen, but for anyone under high school age, you might want to try the student version, It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime.) And feel free to contact me for more suggestions for both book clubs and read-alouds.

In case you missed last month...

Phil Vischer might not be the voice of Bob the Tomato these days, but he is still one of my favorite voices in Christian media. The Holy Post podcast, which Phil co-hosts with Skye Jethani (another of my favorites!), is a must listen for me each week. It is typically divided into two sections: in the first half, Phil and Skye and other cohosts discuss current news and issues from a Christian perspective in a sometimes serious, sometimes silly way (I have a love-hate relationship with their occasional “News of the Butt” segment—it's a great one to share with my teenagers…!), but I always appreciate the nuance and consideration they bring to issues that might seem clear or one-sided at first glance; in the second half, one host (usually Skye) interviews a voice in the Christian sphere and they talk more deeply about relevant issues and themes. I’m telling you, friend, I do not miss an episode of this podcast!

I grabbed Redeeming Your Time on the recommendation of my friend Eva Kubasiak, because she is wise and ambitious, and if she says something will benefit my work, I believe her. And I’m so glad I did! If you want to be purposeful, present, and wildly productive in your life, you need to get this book. I am often wary of books that claim they can help us do very practical things in a spiritual way—books like Jesus, CEO make me cringe—but Jordan Raynor’s approach really encourages readers to understand how to use the gift of time in a God-honoring way by drawing from the life of Christ. In the last few months, I have really begun to implement many of his principles, and I am seeing a huge difference in how I feel about my days, my goals, and my time.

This one is just 100% for entertainment. I bought this as a stocking stuffer for one of my teens, but we didn’t actually play it until we went to Boston a few weeks ago. You guys, it is so much fun! It is simple and silly, and it will leave you laughing. It is easy enough for young kids to join in but not “kiddish,” so it’s hilariously fun for everyone! Grab it on Amazon or at your favorite store.

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