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Each month I share a few things I'm recommending right now, from products to podcasts to a great article to cute puppy videos—you never know what you might find!

OK, you probably won't find many puppy videos. I might include some "just for fun" recs from time-to-time, but my goal is to share things that will help you as you seek to honor God and live with purpose in your everyday, ordinary life. Sometimes that's Bible study tools, and sometimes it's a fun game that can help to build relationships with your friends and family.

Bottom line: this page includes some of my favorite resources, and I love getting to share them with you!

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What I'm loving this month...

Keep Track: Tile Trackers

I have something I need to tell you… I am not what you might call organized. I am, in fact, more like a tornado. So on a regular basis, my kids hear things like, “OK, my keys are………… in my car, I hope. If not, I’ll be back!” or “Guys! Where are my ear buds?” I’m not proud.

Anyway, enter Tile. These handy little guys are helping me keep track of my stuff, so I have fewer things on my mind. Now when I need to leave in a hurry, I pull out my phone, open the app, and with the click of a button, my keys are calling to me! (Also, if the tracker is out of Bluetooth range, it will tell you the last known location, which is also super helpful.)

You can buy individual trackers for keys, wallet, and other devices, but this multi-pack was exactly what I needed! Enjoy!

Keep Track: Fahlo

OK, so now I know where my stuff is, but there’s something else I love to keep tabs on: penguins! So imagine my absolute delight when I came across Fahlo. These super adorable bracelets come with a QR code that allow you to track a specific animal of your choice (penguin, sea turtle, elephant, shark, or polar bear) and support great organizations that are helping these beautiful creatures. (My penguin’s name is Elal, and he is currently living his best life, making his way up and down the eastern coast of South America.)

Get your bracelet & make a difference!

Smile: My Current Favorite Video

While we’re talking about penguins, I really need to share this video with you. Because it gives me so much joy. I mean, Benedict Cumberbatch + penguins… how could it not be great? Please enjoy. And then watch it again, because it gets funnier every time.

In case you missed last month...

Gear Up: JLab GO Air

Here’s something you should probably know about me although I wish it weren’t true: I am uncoordinated and disorganized. In other words, I break stuff and I lose stuff. A lot. So as much as I would love to have a super fancy pair of earbuds, it just doesn’t seem wise. A few months ago, we were getting ready for a spring break trip to Boston and I found myself earbud-less. (See earlier statement and apply whichever half you wish. Both hold true here.) I couldn’t justify spending a ton of money but wanted to be able to listen to deep, important podcasts (ahem, watch Marvel movies on Disney+) on the plane, so I headed to Target. You guys, these earbuds are GREAT. They are a good brand for a small price. They charge quickly, last for a long time, and they’re comfortable. And yes, I use them for more than keeping up with superheroes. I use them almost every day on my prayer walks, and they haven’t let me down yet! Speaking of prayer walks…

Listen: Hymn of Heaven

Once you have your earbuds, you are ready to kick off your walk with some great praise music. Phil Wickham’s latest album, Hymn of Heaven, is my go-to right now. Every single song helps get my heart focus on the Lord and get into the zone of praising and praying. You guys, it is so so so good.

Write it Down: Pentel Energel Gel Pens

When you’re making a concerted effort to go to God in prayer, it is hugely beneficial keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long if you don’t want it to be. Just jot down bullet points of what are you praying for and make notes about how and where you see God at work in the situation. When it comes to journaling, I’m not especially picky about the paper I use (notebook, index cards, 3-ring binder, I tend to switch it up a lot), but I am very picky about my pens. I absolutely love this set—in fact, I’ve got a set for home, a set for my office, and a spare in case some of my pens start to wander off. They write so smoothly and beautifully, and I like being able to color-code my prayer requests (and my work calendar and my Bible notes and… you get the idea).

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