Are you struggling to find the significance in your everyday?

True meaning can be found in the "unimportance" of the day-to-day - let me show you how!

Learn how extraordinary faith grows in ordinary moments from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with The Extraordinary Faith Summit!  

Three days of speakers showing you not only how to find value in the ordinary but how to have extraordinary faith. 

Hey there, friend...

Do you feel isolated, like everyone else has their life figured out and you’ve been left behind?

Are you struggling to find purpose in the middle of your pain and loss?

Do you wish you could find a way to do or be enough for God?

What if I told you that you can honor God right in the middle of your everyday ordinary?

Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Katy!

Are you struggling to live with purpose in the chaos of life? Do you wonder if anything you're doing really matters?

I get it, friend.

And I’m here to tell you that your significance won’t come from your job, your children, your social media following, or even the size of your accomplishments.

God hasn’t called us to do Big, Important Things for Him. Instead, we are called to “take your everyday, ordinary life—your eating, sleeping, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering” (Romans 12:1, The Message).

God has a purpose and a plan for you. He wants to connect with you and use you. Right where you are. Right in your everyday, ordinary life.

God has you right here, right now, for a purpose. Let's find out how to live in that together!

Featuring some of the most impactful speakers in the industry

Introducing the Summit Speakers


PLUS access their amazing resources! No need to wait for the summit to start; click each image to snag all or some of the best speaker resources!

Casey Hilty

Eternal Significance in the Everyday
Speaker, Artist, Worship Leader, Author

Eva Kubasiak

Is Reading Your Bible Really That Important?
 Speaker, Podcaster, Author, Teacher

Jill Savage

Staying Steady When Life is Hard
Speaker, Author, Podcaster

Pamela Henkelman

Hope for the Midlife Mama
 Speaker, Writer, Podcaster, Life Coach

Jodi Rosser

Going Deep When the Going Gets Tough
Author, Podcaster, Speaker


Rachel G. Scott

Walking in Your Assignment with Focus
Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, Brand Mentor

Mikala Albertson

Why We Should Strive for Ordinary
Speaker, Author

Susan Park

Co-Creators with God
Speaker, Writer

Pamela Palmer

Nurturing Your Relationship With God
Speaker, Writer

Taryn Nergaard

Honoring God by Taking Care of Yourself
Author, Life Coach

Becky Beresford

Believing He Can
Speaker, Writer, Coach

Anna Kettle

Finding Purpose & Clarity Through Rest
Author, Blogger, Speaker, Marketing Professional

Gregory Coles

Honoring God by Loving Others (even when it's hard)
Writer, Speaker 

Katy Epling

Author, Speaker, Host

Break free from the lies of isolation, and walk with purpose into your everyday ordinary.

The size of your accomplishments does not define the fulfillment of your life. Join The Extraordinary Faith Summit to gain practical insights on how you can find significance, purpose, and confidence right where God has placed you.

Now you're probably wondering..."What exactly will I get out of attending this online summit?"

I am so glad you asked!

Here's a peek into what we will cover in the Extraordinary Faith Summit:

01. Pursuing your God-given dreams

02. Nurturing your relationship with God

03. Dealing with fear, intrusive thoughts, & anxiety

04. Staying steady when life is hard

05. Walking with God in the everyday

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02. Resources

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03. Start Discovering the Significance God Has for You

And finally! You're on your way to breaking out of the isolation and living in your true, extraordinary purpose. 

Hey there, I'm Katy.

In the fall of 2010, I found myself crying over a onesie. I was exhausted, depressed, and reeling from the special needs diagnosis my infant son had received earlier that year. But in that moment, I heard God’s voice more clearly than ever before. I realized God had created my sweet Joey exactly as He intended him to be. Joey was created on purpose, for a purpose… and so were my other kids… and so was I. And so are you!

Since that day, my mission has been clear: to live in the purpose of who God created me to be, and to help other women do the same. I hope every encounter with me leaves you feeling encouraged in your faith, intentional in your commitments and words, and purposeful in your everyday life. I want you to see yourself—and your family—as masterpieces in the making.


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What To Expect... 

➕ Practical action steps that you can apply to your day-to-day immediately

➕ Connection in the isolation that we experience

➕ Simple yet all-encompassing truth that will transform the way you look at your life

➕ Plus some incredible bonuses from our speakers
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    • 10 Powerful Prayers to Help Boost Your Belief in God
    • Finding Jesus eBook
    • Digital artwork
    • PDFs
  • An exclusive Zoom call with summit host Katy Epling on October 24th at 8pm EST!
  • An entry into a drawing for The Extraordinary Faith Summit prizes (4 books, tshirt, mug, and more!)
  • And MORE!

TOTAL: $47


What are you waiting for?

It's time to take a step of faith out of isolation and into purpose. 

Let's find the significance in the everyday ordinary together from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with The Extraordinary Faith Summit!

Join the experts and learn how to honor God and find fulfillment in what He has called you to.