planting spiritual seeds

Keep planting seeds

Mar 25, 2022

I spent so many years trying to control my kids. Every misbehavior, every bad attitude, felt like a direct reflection on me. Clearly I had failed. Clearly I was a failure.

This is toxic thinking, friend, and it is not from the Lord. He knows just as well as we do—better than we do—that we are broken humans raising broken humans. We aren’t perfect, and neither are they.

Our greatest calling as parents is not to raise godly kids but to be godly parents.

We keep planting seeds. We keep watering them. And we let God take care of the rest.

Is your child following God and loving others? Great! Keep planting seeds in their heart.

Is your child rebelling and keeping you up at night? God sees. Keep planting seeds in their heart.

Is your child feeling lost and alone, struggling to know who they are? God knows. Keep planting seeds in their heart.

Every time I start to become overwhelmed by my kids’ struggles, behaviors, or attitudes, worrying that they are somehow my fault, I close my eyes and picture a tiny sprout coming from the ground. It reminds me of this important truth: My job is to plant the seeds. God is in charge of making them grow.

Keep planting. And trust the Gardener.

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