lent easter resurrection

Living in the tension of Lent

Mar 21, 2022
Listen, this is going to be a little uncomfortable, but it needs to be said. Are you ready?
Resurrection is always preceded by death.
Triumph comes out of hardship. Spring follows winter. Beauty comes from ashes.
We see this pattern in nature, in stories, in our own lives. And it should always point us back to the ultimate example of death and resurrection: Christ's sacrifice and triumph for us.
We are so sinful that God’s Son had to suffer and die for it. We are so loved that God’s Son gladly died for us. And He is so powerful that even death had no hold on Him.
It is beautiful and hard and victorious. This is the tension God calls us to live in.
As we walk through Lent, let us not rush ahead to Easter. Let us sit for a minute in the lament, in the humility of our own brokenness, in the darkness that necessitated death.
And THEN let's celebrate the absolute joy and victory that is the resurrection.

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