Kind of a Big Deal – Posting at The Glorious Table

loving jesus the glorious table Jul 24, 2019

Not long ago I had dinner with a woman I admire. We’re remarkably similar in many ways—age, personality, upbringing, and even our hopes and dreams. She, however, is realizing her goals in much bigger ways than I am. She has become a bit of a role model for me, and I relished the time to chat with her and learn from her.

As the evening went on, I noticed she seemed to use one phrase a lot: “kind of a big deal.” As in, “My friend so-and-so has this great job in New York. She’s kind of a big deal.” From her family to her friends to people she’d run into on the street, she seemed to know a lot of folks who are “kind of a big deal.”

To be fair, she wasn’t being snobbish. She was simply excited to talk up the people she loves, and that’s fantastic. But I couldn’t help leaving our dinner feeling inadequate. Not only am I nothing, I thought, I don’t even know anyone who is something! This woman is extremely talented, but she also has great connections. What hope do I have in my little corner of Small Town America?

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