Consider this…

down syndrome joey loving jesus the worthy walk trials Dec 11, 2019

“Now then, consider from this day onward…” Haggai 2:15

“Consider from this day onward…” Haggai 2:18

Seven years ago, my world was turned upside down when my three-month-old son was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Hearing that my child would struggle to grow and learn, that he would be different from his peers, that he would likely face health concerns beyond most typical children—it was all too much.

For months after that diagnosis, life felt hopeless. I couldn’t understand how the sun kept rising every morning, how I could pass people on the street every day who seemed so happy and unaware that my world was falling apart.

But do you know what else happened? God provided. He bonded our family together in new ways. He brought friends to our door with meals in hand. He provided strength and led us through the hard days one step at a time.

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