Choosing Our Hard: Sharing at The Glorious Table

hard loving jesus the glorious table Jun 05, 2019

“I just feel like my life is so…normal,” I complained. “I need to grow, to be stretched.”

My best friend and I sat in my living room, her infant foster son in her lap. She was living out the gospel, loving—and eventually adopting—a child in need of a family. I had recently read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker and Anything by Jennie Allen, two women who laid it all on the line for the sake of Christ by adopting internationally, starting ministries, and speaking to women. All around me, I thought, people were living out their faith, depending on God in the midst of challenges and struggles. By contrast, my middle-class suburban days spent wiping noses and planning third grade Valentine’s Day parties seemed inconsequential. I longed for opportunities to lean into my faith.

“I am ready for something hard,” I said.

Or so I thought.

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