Building a marriage with joy

marriage the worthy walk Nov 13, 2019

I have become the newest contributor at The Worthy Walk, a radio/podcast ministry featuring our head pastor Tim Armstrong! Check out my first post…


My husband Jon and I had been married just over a year when we decided to build a new house. A builder by trade, Jon drew the plans. We got to design our home from the ground up. We spent the next twelve months carefully crafting the space where we would raise our family, host our friends, and do life together. It was incredible to watch it all come together, first on paper, then on the land we had chosen.

I love the metaphor of building a house for marriage. It applies not only in the initial building project, but in the ongoing maintenance as well. We have now been in our home for almost fourteen years, and we never stop improving. We have added a playset and landscaping to the backyard, renovated our basement after a flood, repainted kids’ rooms. Owning a home takes intentional and consistent work, just like a marriage.

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